Oasis Youth Initiative (OYI),
Unleashing Potentials!

We believe that children who are empowered with soft skills and supported by their parents grow up to become confident, resilient, emotionally balanced and functional adults, contributing positively to their society.





Oneclub is a safe space for young people ages 14-21 where they engage, learn, and interact with their peers on managing big emotions, building essential life skills, personal values, and sexuality education.

The club members hangout once a month facilitated by Youth Coaches who train the members and prepare them to navigate through life, realizing their potential. ONECLUB membership run in schools, churches, and communities with free services ranging from training to the Mentoring Program. All members are connected to Life Mentors who prepare them for life, school, and work.

This program seeks to bridge the gap in capacities and soft skills as evidence shows that young people with such skills as resilience, growth mindsets, and confidence have higher chances of realizing their potential and contributing to Nation Building.



Oasis Life Academy builds capacities of children, parents, and professionals on emotional intelligence, personal values, sexuality education, and life-building skills. The Academy provides these services for a token fee, certifies Children, Youth, and Parent Coaches. We conduct Training for kids, Tweens and Teens as well as Parents, Caregivers and Teachers! Our trainings are focused on Life, School, Work Readiness and Parenting! Some of our Training packages include:

  1. Facing the Giants: Emotional Literacy Training; is focused on building emotionally balanced children and youth. We teach children about Emotions, the Human Brain, Thoughts, Self-Awareness, Self-Regulation, Internal Motivation, Empathy and Social Skills.
  2. Potential Unleashed; Life Skills Training focused on empowering children and youth with soft skills such as growth mindset, resilience, confidence, goal setting, decision making, time management and money management.
  3. Spotlight: Personal Values Training that equips children and youth with values like respect, integrity, gratitude, honesty, and Kindness.
  4. My Body. My Rights; Training on child abuse, rights and responsibilities, online safety, puberty, and relationship management. This training ensures that children know their rights, understand their bodies, and stay safe. It further equips children and youth with information on healthy and unhealthy relationships.



Parenting 360 is a positive parenting initiative designed to build healthier relationships between parents and children. The approach is focused on helping parents become more sensitive, responsive, and consistent in their interactions with their children, and it makes children happier, more optimistic, and more intrinsically motivated to choose the behavior that parents prefer. This program ensures that parents utilize positive approaches that are sensitive to children’s individual needs and addresses the typical challenges that arise in childhood with empathy and respect.
We organize training and workshops for parents as well as weekly live stream that shares tips, strategies and evidence-based solutions for parenting in the 21st Century utilizing our social media platforms.



Arewa Girls Speaks is a boosting program for girls in Northern Nigeria between ages 12-19. The program provides confidence-building training and girls get opportunities to learn how to identify their various vocations of interest through essay writing. The winners of the essay writing competition are selected and connected with responsible adults thriving in the specific sector to guide and teach the girls for a period of six months. The girls showcase their various talents and skills during a grand finale occasion with government agencies, donors, philanthropists, and members of the private sector willing to provide scholarships to the girls to finish school and realize their potential. Girls are trained to get rid of inhibition and start on a journey of confidence in public speaking. The competition is conducted from Local Government Area levels to National Level. Winners receive awards and possible scholarships.




Ruth Haruna

Ruth Haruna, a Family Strengthening Expert, is passionate about preserving and unleashing the potential of children and young people because she believes that every child deserves to realize their dreams and life goals. Born and raised in Northern Nigeria, she experienced the deprivation, marginalization, and pain of every average Nigerian child laced with poverty and neglect due to a large number of children in a household.

Her experiences as a child and teenager inform her passion to bridge the gaps between parents and children in Nigeria through platforms that equip children and young people with soft skills and teach parents positive parenting skills to support their children.

Ruth, also known as Coach Ruchina is a Parents and Youths Coach with 13 years of working experience in the development sector during which she developed training manuals and trained parents and youth programmers, using positive parenting and youth development approaches.

Ruth helps parents better understand their children, supporting and encouraging them to grow into confident, resilient, and emotionally balanced adults fully realizing their potential.

Ruth Haruna, a certified Master Mentor and Relationship Coach, popularly called Coach Ruchina has trained and coached over 5000 parents and caregivers in churches, mosques, communities, and on her social media platforms. She helps parents build long-lasting Parent-Child relationships through coaching, mentoring, and counseling.

Coach Ruchina is passionate about raising confident, resilient, and emotionally balanced children who in turn can contribute positively to Nation Building. Ruth is an ambassador of President Barak Obama Young African Leaders Initiative, and her work contributes to achieving the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals 4 Quality Education, 5 Gender Equality, and 10 Reduced Inequalities.


Pharmacist Isaiah Haruna
Chairman Board of Trustees

Isaiah Haruna is an experienced Portfolio Specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the pharmaceuticals industry. A healthcare services professional skilled in Sales, Marketing Strategy, Market Access, and Pharmacy. He is passionate about supporting young people to fulfil purpose and realize their potential. He is married with children.

Sarah Bukar-Godwin
Board Member

Sarah Bukar-Godwin is a Diplomatic Officer of the Federal Republic of Nigeria who is responsible for promoting and protecting the interests of Nigeria and its citizens overseas, as well as providing advice and support to the Nigerian Ambassador on Nigeria foreign policy. She has a passion to support children pulling them out of poverty and suffering.

Andrew Echono
Board Member

Andrew Echono is a keen, well-motivated finance professional with several years of experience in compliance, taxation, internal control, financial reporting, treasury and Investment. An Accountant with a penchant for restructuring accounting, reporting and controls systems for businesses and NGOs, Andrew also specialized in business planning & Incubation, Insolvency & corporate re-engineering and Accounting software. He is happily married with children.

Bayode Akanbi
Board Member

Bayode Akanbi is a business leader with over 12 years Marketing and Sales experience with a demonstrated history of delivering solid business results across multiple geographies in Africa and across industries- Ethical Pharmaceuticals, Consumer Health and Fast-Moving Consumer Goods. He is passionate about leadership development and a co-founder of The Ripple Incubator- a leadership forum to prepare the next generation of Africa’s business leaders. He loves photography and enjoy meeting new people.

Ruth Haruna
Board Secretary

Ruth Haruna is a wife and mom who creates platforms that support children and young people to preserve and unleash their potential. She supports parents by offering alternative perspectives around family situations, uncovering strategies to shift behaviour and family dynamics and helping parents support their children to achieve their life goals while navigating through life.